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Silk lapel collar bamboo top for women
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Our long Doris bamboo and silk fibre top has a V-neckline and long sleeves. Oversize and tunic, you can wear it easily on pants, jeans, joggings or skirts. Its V-neckline is lined with a chain and its slightly drooping armholes give it a trendy touch. Split on the sides, it is plain in the back and a wide silk band lined with chains on the front gives it...
  108,00 €
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Our Wendy bamboo fibre top has a high neckline lined with tone silk on tone delicately lined with chains, which you can tie for a feminine and refined touch. Its V-neck can be worn in front or back and the tie can also be tied in front or back or pulled to the side. Its short and seamless sleeves brings modernity and elegance. Suitable for all...
  84,00 €
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Our women Duny stretch silk top is sleeveless with a V neckline that ends with a tie that can be tied, the ends of the tie are lined with pearls. This silk top is split on each side, it is rounded on the bottom and its cut is straight. Very feminine, it is an easy piece to put on a skirt or pants, like shirt or under a sweater or jacket.
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Silk short sleeved top blouse for women
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