Silk Top SHINE

138,00 €

The Shine women's silk sleeveless top has a straight cut slightly bent at the chest. This blouse is made of stretchy silk that combines both hold and fluidity. Its collar blouse is decorated with a rhinestone jewelry motif and embroidered pearls. This top has an invisible zip on the back which allows to pass it with ease. It is split on a height of 10 cm on the sides. It can be worn with a skirt or wide pants, but also tucked inside. An easy piece to put under a jacket or a cardigan.

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  • Shirt collar

  • Silk

  • Sleeveless, Tank Top

  • 95% Silk 5% Elasthane

  • Top

  • Fall Winter

It can be worn on a large skirt or trousers, but it can also be carried inside. An easy piece to put under a jacket or vest.Composition: 95% extensible silk and 5% elasthane.


Silk must be washed by hand with warm water or by machine but on a wool or delicate program with cold or up to 30°C maximum. You absolutely must avoid the dryer. For drying, put your blouse flat or hang it on a hanger, avoiding tearing it to the edge so as not to break the fiber. Slowly roll your blouse in a sponge towel to absorb excess water if necessary. A light ironing on the back and at low temperature will be enough. Wearing a silk blouse is a natural, light and soft material. Silk has been part of the Nature-à-Porter collections of Ateliers de la Maille since our creation in 1979 and is still appreciated by all our clients.


Many legends surround the art of silk and its manufacturing secret has been fiercely guarded by China for nearly 2,500 years. This matter, which appeared in Europe in the 6th century by the famous "Silk Road", is more of the oldest natural fibers in the world that still makes us dream today. Silk, also known as the "queen of fibers", gives a light, luxurious, refined and precious fabric that wears all year round. Depending on its weaving, its appearance can be matt or shiny. A silk garment has the advantage of being extremely soft but also thermoregulatory, i.e. it stays warm in winter and gives a feeling of lightness and freshness in summer.

To take care of your item, you may want to use our washing net to protect or store it in your closet.


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