Cashmere Cardigan BUTTERFLY

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The 100% cashmere double threads cardigan for women Butterfly, round neck long sleeves, has a straight cut. Delightful jewel stones in the shape of delicate butterflies flutter on the front of the cardigan, bringing it fantasy and brilliance. It closes with eight small buttons in mother-of-pearl, both elegant and discreet and is enriched with two small pockets. Combined with the Butterfly women’s cashmere sweater, he will compose a graceful and neat twin-set. Its range of five colors, both soft and timeless, steel, garnet, navy, black and pink, will allow you to associate it with many parts of your locker room. To wash it, simply put it upside down in a clothesline, to protect its stones.

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  • Crew neck

  • Cashmere

  • Long Sleeves

  • Cashmere 2 ply

  • 100% Cashmere

  • Cardigan

  • Fall Winter

Light, soft, very comfortable and warm, cashmere is one of the most dreamy materials. The cashmere yarn used by Ateliers de la Maille has its origin in the mountainous regions of Mongolia. Goats with long hairs are the natural producers. Under their thick fleece, a thin layer of down is collected by brushing them. This natural fiber is rare, the way it is knit and processed makes it a luxurious material par excellence.
This fiber can be mixed with other natural materials such as silk, wool or cotton and has an exceptional softness.
The pure cashmere garment is highly sought after for its extreme finesse, and worn on the skin, it provides natural warmth.

Wear your cashmere garment, because cashmere likes to be washed. Wash by hand on the wrong side, in cold water or in a machine, delicate program or wool. Dry it flat, do not bend it. Iron to soft iron if necessary. Cashmere does not like fabric softeners, steam or dryers that soften it. You can also use a laundry net (available by clicking on this link) to wash or store it in your dressing room.
Cashmere is knitted from goat hair, it has a slightly fluffy appearance that can create small pills, which are natural. Do not hesitate to wash your cashmere after two or three uses so that the material covers its softness. On the other hand, you can also use a small cashmere comb.
To wear cashmere is to favor a natural fiber, rare and luxurious.
Cashmere is part of the Nature-to-wear collections of Knitwear since its creation in 1979.
Discover our other natural materials that make up our ranges of clothing on the site of Ateliers de la Maille. Find a great selection of vegetable fiber clothing: linen clothing, cotton clothing, bamboo clothing, alpaca clothing, silk clothing, etc.

To take care of your item, you may want to use our washing net to protect or store it in your closet.


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Très sympa avec ses petits strass sur le devant du pull
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