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Our Dolores Women’s Viscose-Fiber Bamboo Dress is a long strapless and widely slit dress on the sides. Its neckline is round in front and back and a bamboo loop adorns each strap, for a very feminine fronz effect. Its wide straps have made an easy and comfortable room. On the front, a tone-on-tone bamboo belt is knotted by another bamboo buckle, for a very flattered draped effect. Its look makes it desirable, you will wear it with leather sandals for a Mediterranean spirit. Made of stretchy viscose-bamboo fiber, its mesh is both light, very soft to wear and provides a feeling of freshness, qualities that make our products in viscose-bamboo fiber a must-see in our collections, summer as well as winter.

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  • Crew neck

  • Bamboo®

  • Sleeveless, Tank Top

  • 95% Viscose 5% Elastane

  • Dress

Fluidity, suppleness and breathing bring a lot of comfort to our dresses, t-shirts and tops in viscose-bamboo fiber, they are like a second skin. The simple and sleek shape of our Dolores Bamboo Fiber Viscose Dress, its authentic, sober cut and delicate material will feature a chic and relaxed look. Our Dolores dress comes in three essential colors and easy to associate, black, jeans and terra for a warm and bright note. For your well-being, wear bamboo, an innovative material.


Bamboo viscose is very easy to maintain and it is just as resistant as cotton, but it is softer and more flexible. You can therefore wash your bamboo dress in a machine up to 40°C on a delicate program. Also called «artificial silk», you don’t need to iron bamboo viscose! Indeed, if it is well spread out just after washing, it will not wrinkle. A garment that lasts: strong and resistant, bamboo viscose resists very well in time to numerous successive washes and other factors of wear and deterioration. Your bamboo dress will not distort for use either. You can consult on the website of Ateliers de la Maille all our other collection of natural materials: silk clothing, cotton silk clothing, cashmere silk clothing, etc...


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