Cashmere Sweater PAOLA


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The long sweater 100% cashmere two threads Paola has a boat neckline. Split on each side, it is edged with tone-on-tone cashmere fringes lit with a delicate metallic thread at the bottom and wrists. Its comfortable, straight shape and drooping armholes give it a resolutely modern look and a casual look.

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  • Cashmere

  • Long Sleeves

  • 100% Cashmere

  • Sweater

  • Fall Winter

Worn directly on the skin or on a shirt or top of your dressing room, the cashmere sweater Paola will have a place of choice in your cloakroom. You will wear it at all times for maximum well-being and gentleness. It comes in five colors, easy to associate, steel, blue and black with silver and oat metallized wire, ivory and hazelnut with gold metallized wire. The lightness, comfort and warmth of cashmere are the qualities that make its success, it is easily maintained and becomes more and more soft after each washing. To wear cashmere is to privilege a soft, luxurious and natural material.


Whatever the cashmere pattern, turn it upside down and clean it without damaging it. For an optimal cleaning of a woman’s cashmere jacket, for example, cold water or machine on a delicate or wool program, up to 30°C maximum will be enough. You can put your clothes in a cloth or pillow case, if you wash them in a machine so they are better protected. Use a few drops of product for the care of cashmere fiber or a hazelnut of shampoo for baby. The cashmere doesn’t like the sweeteners, the steam or the dry cleaning that softens it.We therefore recommend that you put your clothes on flat, and if need be iron with a very soft iron for a perfect effect. The advantage of wearing cashmere is the softness to the touch, but also the possibility to wear this quality material in all seasons, spring and winter. You will see, if you wear a cashmere jacket, for example, you will adopt it in the blink of an eye! Also come and discover our other ranges of natural clothing on the site of Ateliers de la Maille, the specialist in quality clothing. Find a large selection of vegetable fiber clothing: linen clothes, cotton clothes, bamboo clothes, etc.

To take care of your item, you may want to use our washing net to protect or store it in your closet.


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