Alpaca Sweater LEA


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The alpaca sweater and wool Lea has short sleeves and a round collar, a short and square shape and is split on each side. Completely twisted in front and back, it is very comfortable and adapts to all silhouettes. You can wear it on your own skin or on a shirt for a fashionable and present look, it associates with trousers and skirts and fits perfectly with the Lea scarf in alpaca, completely twisted as well.

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  • Alpaca

  • Short Sleeves

  • Sweater

There are three essential colors: ivory, black and taupe.The alpaca is a natural fiber and a rare, silky, light and solid wool known for its softness and lightness. It is both warm and resistant. For your comfort this winter, wear alpaca.


Alpaca is beautifully cleaned after washing if properly maintained. So you can wash your clothes in alpaca without hesitation after wearing it two or three times. To maintain your clothing in Alpaca, the ideal is to wash it by hand in cold water with a soft shampoo or a special wool laundry. It is not recommended to use a softening device. Gently put your alpaca clothes and rinse it abundantly with cold water. Try it moderately, without too much tethering or roll it in a sponge towel to absorb the overflow of water. If your washing machine has a wool or delicate program, you can wash your clothes in alpaca by machine. Be sure to select the temperature of the water that should be cold, no more than 20°. Schedule a minimum or maximum 400 laps spin. For drying, put your jumper back in shape and just put it flat on another dry towel, preferably sheltered from the sun. Our alpaca clothing does not need to be worn again or very little. If it is necessary to go back very lightly on the back and at low temperature, placing a fine linen between the iron and the garment. Following these instructions, you will be able to keep your clothes in alpaca for years !

To take care of your item, you may want to use our washing net to protect or store it in your closet.


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