Bamboo® Top LEO

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Our Leo bamboo fiber top has a boat neckline, long puffing sleeves, it is leopard print and its cut is straight. Combined with the Léo skirt with which it forms a fashion set, you can also wear it with the long skirt Erna, viscose-fibre plain bamboo. It will also match any type of pants for a sporty, chic and current look, the leopard print is a must for winter. Made of stretch bamboo viscose, its mesh is extremely comfortable and lightweight, very soft to wear and provides a feeling of well-being. Fluidity, suppleness and resistance are the recognized virtues of stretch bamboo viscose.

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  • Bamboo®

  • Tee Shirt

  • Fall Winter

Our bamboo products are essential to our collections, every winter they are like a second skin. The simple and easy cut of our Leo bamboo viscose-fiber top will complement your dressing room quite naturally, its print is a sure value of the winter and our collection. It comes in two desirable tones, jeans and its dark black and fuchsia spots and oats and its black and caramel spots. Wear bamboo, it is to favor nature in the air of time.


Bamboo viscose is very easy to maintain and is just as resistant as cotton; It is just softer and more flexible. So you can wash your top bamboo by machine up to 40°c on a delicate program. Also called "artificial silk", you do not need to iron bamboo viscose! Indeed, if it is spread out right after washing, it will not get cold. A garment that lasts: solid and resistant, bamboo viscose is very resistant over time to successive washings and other factors of wear and deterioration. Your bamboo dress won’t deform for use either. You can visit our other natural materials collection on the website of Ateliers de la Maille: silk clothing, cotton silk clothing, cashmere silk clothing, etc.

To take care of your item, you may want to use our washing net to protect or store it in your closet.


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