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Long light summer cashmere cardigan
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Our poncho sweater Cyrille woman 100% cotton has a round neckline slightly unobstructed. It can be worn both in poncho and in sweater, sewn in the middle of each side, it leaves a wide opening in the sleeves and is split down. Knitted in fancy stitches with an openwork lace, its graphic and textured motifs evoke lace and confers it femininity and...
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Our Inca Women’s Linen Poncho Jacket has an oversize cut without cutting or sewing for comfort and modernity, without fastening it carries edge to edge. Its short sleeves are embroidered with a small flax fringe accompanied by a yaw finished by pompoms. Its poncho shape makes it easy to live and casual, our Incas linen poncho jacket fits all silhouettes...
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