Light, soft, extremely comfortable and warm, cashmere is one of the materials that most fires the imagination…

The Cashmere yarn used by Ateliers de La Maille comes from the mountainous regions of Mongolia. Cashmere is produced naturally from long-haired goats.A fine layer of down is gathered from under their thick fleeces by brushing. Its rarity and the way it is treated and knitted make it a luxury material by excellence.

Whether pure cashmere or blended with other natural materials such as bamboo or silk, you will appreciate its softness and feel.

Washing instructions : spoil yourself !
Wear your sweater... Cashmere likes being washed!
Hand wash it inside out in cold water. Dry flat. Cool iron if necessary. Cashmere doesn’t like steam or dry cleaning, which makes it limp.

Wear cashmere, a natural and luxurious material.


Baby Alpaca

Cousin of the Vicuna and Lama, the Alpaca is found in the Andes, between Peru and Bolivia.

Its Alpaca Wool is considered as the « God’s Fiber » and was used by the Incas Kings. It is the most rare and thin fiber (15 to 25 microns) existing.
And the Baby Alpaca is simply the superior quality of the Alpaca wool : it is manually selected for the finest yarn. Light, warm, and very resistant, the Baby Alpaca is presented in natural colors such as greys, beiges and browns.

Washing instructions :

Hand wash and dry flat.

Wear Alpaca, a natural, warm and soft material.



Many legends have shrouded the art of silk, and the Chinese fiercely guarded the secret of its manufacture for over 2500 years. Silk appeared in Europe during the 6th century arriving via the mythical “Silk Route”, it is one of the oldest natural fibers and still makes us dream today.

Silk, also known as the “Queen of the fibers” is a light, luxurious, refined and precious material that is worn in both the summer and winter. It can be worked shiny or mat.

For your comfort, Ateliers de la Maille decided to mix Silk with other noble materials such as cotton or cashmere, and innovating materials such as bamboo, to create fine garments that can be worn at any time, in any season. In France, the Silk wedding anniversary symbolises 12 years of marriage.

Washing instructions :
Hand wash or cold wash on delicate your silk sweater or T-shirt and dry flat.

Wear Silk, a natural and refined material.

Organic Cotton

Cotton has been used for a very long time, the Egyptians knew about cotton thousands of years BC.

Cotton is a plant fiber, and is the most widely used textile fiber in the world. Used for making light clothes, it is worn in areas with a tropical climate.

Organic cotton from Ateliers de la Maille originates from organic farms, where no chemical fertilisers, persticides or insecticides are used.
It is a soft, breathable and comfortable textile.

Washing instructions :
Cotton is very resistant. Very easy to clean, it can be machine-washed and should be dried flat.

Wearing organic cotton is a way of respecting the environnement.



Origins of linen are old: The first tracks go back to more than 10 000 years. The Linen was used in all the domains of the everyday life. Many people gave it even a divine origin.

The little blue flower of the linen is present on all the continents. It quickly grows and its culture is still craft today. Very fin and resistant, the linen fiber is natural material.

The Linen finds its place in our collection “Nature-to-Wear®”. Ateliers de la Maille associate it with the silk or with the cotton to create sophisticated and natural materials, in the sweet sensation of coolness. Fluid and aerated, the Linen is very pleasant to wear. In spring as in summer, it is an ideal fiber to enjoy the beautiful days.

Washing instructions :
Wash your product in hand or in cold machine, delicate program and dry it in flat.

Wear Linen, it’s to privilege a natural and authentic material.



A Chinese poet once said « Without bamboo, we would loose our wisdom and culture ». Bamboo, used in Asia for thousands of years, has many virtues: it is long lasting, strong, ...

Bamboo, the symbol of energy and happiness, is a relaxing material. Bamboo is a natural plant material.

The Bamboo plant grows again in only 59 days (whereas a tree needs about 20 years to grow to maturity). Its cultivation does not lead to deforestation.

The yarn knitted by Ateliers de la Maille is obtained by transformation of the pulp of the bamboo with viscose process and is antibacterial. This material gives you an incredible feeling of freshness.
Blended with others materials such as cashmere, silk or cotton, you will appreciate the lightness, softness and elegance of Bamboo.

Washing instructions :
Hand wash or cold wash on delicate your viscose of Bamboo sweater or T-shirt and dry flat.

Wear Bamboo,
a “zen” material.