Cashmere Clothing & Natural Knitwear

The “Nature to wear®”





Established in 1979, Ateliers de la Maille is a specialist of knitwear for men and women. We have made the choice to preserve the environnement and other cultures by choosing mainly natural materials and vegetable fibers to make our collections.

As a traditional French family business with a real know-how, we are scouring the world for the best quality threads, the most innovative materials that nature can provide.

At the frontier between craftsmanship and modern manufacture, each piece is carefully finished to ensure the best quality.



Cashmere, bamboo®, baby alpaca, silk, organic cotton, linen and mix of materials make up the light-hearted and colourful “Nature-to-Wear®” collections alongside a constant eye for detail.

Our philosophy favours natural and naturally-derived fibres as an alternative to synthetic materials, and Les Ateliers de la Maille are investing in research into new plant-derived fibers.





Thanks to a discovery travel, we were able to meet breeders who were attached to perpetuate old Mongol traditions. This is when we discovered cashmere as a natural material, which respects the environnement.


During a travel to discover the Andes cordillera, rich by its diversity of Lamas, Alpacas, Vicuñas and Guanacos, and to explore the farms which breed those species with care and love. We learned a lot from their culture and their know-how.



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Our Brand

Ateliers de la Maille has always used communion with nature as its first inspiration. His chic and elegant creations do the rest.

Everyone has their own criteria when it comes to choose clothes. While some choose their wardrobe based on materials, others are more interested in style and colors. Still others rely exclusively on the brand that is at the origin of the garment before deciding. Ateliers de la Maille is one of those houses whose true fans embrace creations because of its policy on the use of natural materials, its daring and elegant achievements, as well as its timeless reputation.

This Parisian house has been working since its beginnings in a relative discretion, addressing almost exclusively an informed public. The brand has expanded its landscape recently and offers its new and old collections on the site, like its elegant and refined creations.

The brand that cherishes nature

Hearing "Ateliers de la Maille" immediately think of the story of a French family that is committed to getting closer to nature, using only plant and natural materials. This philosophy is put forward on all the achievements of the brand. The very slogan of the Parisian house, "Nature to wear", conveys a spirit turned towards the natural.

The natural fibers in question come either from plants, such as linen or cotton, or from animals, such as alpaca or cashmere. Ateliers de la Maille deals directly with local producers to obtain the best fibers, a choice that is reflected in the quality of the materials and thus the final quality of the brand's products.

Ateliers de la Maille skillfully mix the traditional art of weaving their different producers with a modern and proven know-how in sewing and styling. The result is very surprising with cashmere sweaters, coats, shirts, blouses and jackets as attractive as each other.

A story and a craft to discover

The brand says everything there is to know about its activities, history and vision of fashion. The Parisian house has been present in the world of fashion since 1979, when it was founded. Throughout this period, the brand has focused on selling its products to an informed and relatively exclusive audience.

Ateliers de la Maille communicates in a transparent way about how we supply ourselves with natural fibers to make our ethical clothes. You will discover that our Parisian brand is working closely with researchers to develop new fabrics and new fibers that are always more efficient.

By demonstrating such a frankness, the brand intends to convince the general public of the merits of its approach and to make its collections of sweaters, coats, pants and shirts in natural fibers must-have of the wardrobe of women and men attached to elegance and nature.